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We enjoy working with people who have a passion for giving outstanding customer service and who have a real drive to help put their contacts into a better financial position. If this is you, could we work together? Why not review our partnership options below –


We fully understand that when you refer a client you’re putting your reputation with that client on the line, and that you need to have a great deal of trust and confidence in the company you’re recommending to them. We know that the service and advice your clients receive will reflect directly on your own business, and should therefore complement the service you offer them yourself. And that’s what EveryStep gives you.EveryStep Financial is committed to ensuring that every client receives outstanding customer service, and we constantly endeavour to exceed their expectations in all our dealings with them.

The truth is that a large proportion of our business comes from teaming up with professionals in ways that often enhance and improve their own client relationships in turn. In return we offer generous remuneration with plenty of support, and always look to refer clients back where possible. Our Professional connections include, but are not limited to Solicitors, Accountants, Architects and Estate Agents.

Please complete your contact details below to download our Professional Connection brochure and don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss our proposition in detail.

EveryStep Financial Adviser Partnership Our Financial Advisers are chosen for their experience and proven track record in  professionalism, sales and service. We provide the support and expertise to help them deliver a truly bespoke proposition.

We believe our proposition is unique and focuses on giving advisers the ability to spend their time doing what they do best – seeing clients.

Key Benefits

  • We take care of the majority of paperwork involved in your job
  • Saving you time to see more clients
  • The ability to offer your clients a greater product range
  • Increased revenue
  • Offices in Bristol and Weston-super-Mare
  • Bespoke Professional Website
  • Use of the latest technology – In house IT team
  • A wealth of knowledge and support
  • Excellent remuneration package


We don’t want our advisers spending any more time than necessary sitting in front of a laptop so our service offering includes support with research, presenting illustrations to clients and even the production of suitability letters.

We are experts in supporting the following types of Advisers:

The Busy Adviser – you know there are not enough hours in the day. You are a great producer of business and understand that activity = income. You want to see more clients and free up time from the burden of administration in the heavily regulated environment of financial advice. You want to hit the ground running and you want to run fast.

The work life balance Adviser – You’ve worked hard in the past to build up a fantastic business and are generally seen by your clients as their trusted adviser.  Although you enjoy the client interaction and the income it provides, your priorities have changed and you are looking to slow down and obtain a better work life balance whilst still earning a good income and retaining the business you have built up.

If this is you then why not complete your contact details below to download our Adviser brochure. If you like what you read then don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss our proposition in detail.

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