Points to consider when choosing your new mortgage adviser?

  • Experience makes the difference when it comes to the mortgage market, knowing the market well is key, so finding a good broker with a solid track record is crucial. Checking social media reviews and asking for recommendations from friends and family is an essential part of finding the right adviser. Trust is an important part of choosing your broker, an initial meeting will establish a rapport whereby you can determine if they are the right adviser for you.
  • Authorization is very important – your adviser should be authorised by the financial conduct authority, this is a regulating body who ensures that every broker is conducting themselves appropriately. Advisers that are found to be non-compliant will face a serious complaints procedure.
  • Qualifications it is important to consider the qualifications that youradviser holds to ensure they are qualified to give advice relating to mortgages.
  • Whole of market independent advisers can give you options for the whole of the mortgage market as opposed to brokers that are restricted to only giving you options from particular lenders, this limits your choices and you may not always be getting the best deals available to you.
  • Insurance matters!! Making sure that your adviser is fully insured giving you peace of mind knowing that they take their professional life seriously.
  • Broker Fees can vary largely between brokers, any fees that the broker charges should be transparent to you from the very first contact. Fee free brokers reap their commission directly from the lender allowing them to offer you unbiased advice without the huge initial cost.
  • Referrals and reviews Checking review sites such as trust pilot and the reviews on a company’s Facebook page etc can reveal a lot about how good (or bad) your adviser is, a page with glowing references is likely to be very good at connecting on a higher level with their clients, this shows that the clients have been pleased enough with the level of advice and after care that they have received that they feel happy and keen to leave reviews and refer to others.
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